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Comments for RadioPotato http://radiopotato.com the best music you've never heard Fri, 07 Dec 2012 04:21:26 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.13 Comment on Ray LaMontagne’s Wife Revealed by Ned http://radiopotato.com/?p=2711&cpage=1#comment-7712 Fri, 07 Dec 2012 04:21:26 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=2711#comment-7712 Adultery? Rude to fans? Pictures? Video? Ill believe it when we have proof, chances are the Unidentified Internet prophet is false. Slander.

Comment on Wedding Songs that Won’t Make you Hurl – Playlist Enclosed! by Allison (Rizk) Hare http://radiopotato.com/?p=4781&cpage=1#comment-7711 Mon, 03 Dec 2012 01:26:21 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4781#comment-7711 Ah yes! I thought I had The Shape of Us on it but good catch. I added it and I’ll check out the Eliot Bronson song. Thanks!

Comment on Wedding Songs that Won’t Make you Hurl – Playlist Enclosed! by susan flynn park http://radiopotato.com/?p=4781&cpage=1#comment-7710 Mon, 03 Dec 2012 01:13:48 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4781#comment-7710 The Shape Of Us by Ian Britt
You’re Worth Waiting For by Eliot Bronson

Comment on RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs of April 2012 by Jon http://radiopotato.com/?p=4491&cpage=1#comment-7709 Sun, 11 Nov 2012 14:34:27 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4491#comment-7709 A friend of mine who is a wedding planner in atlanta have given me a cd of the Middle Brother, it was at that time that I fell in love with their songs. They are great!

Comment on Is Atlanta’s Music Midtown worth it? by Tina http://radiopotato.com/?p=4762&cpage=1#comment-7611 Thu, 20 Sep 2012 21:22:50 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4762#comment-7611 Won’t be going either. Have seen most of the acts already and frankly, I’m with you Allison. I can remember the day that I saw Foo Fighters, Cracker, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd all within an hour of each other. There was such diversity back then and you had access to bands that you would never otherwise see.

AND I’m with you Amanda… there goes Greg’s and my run at the park this weekend.

Comment on Is Atlanta’s Music Midtown worth it? by Amanda http://radiopotato.com/?p=4762&cpage=1#comment-7606 Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:47:30 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4762#comment-7606 Amanda Brown will not be going. And Amanda Brown would like for it not to be in her beloved Piedmont Park as it is only a few blocks from my house. So that means that last weekend the road closures stopped. The park was barricaded in and you could only walk in certain areas. That people have alread started parking their cars on the streets of my neighborhood (and it’s Thursday!?) and trash will pile up from beer cans that are tossed walking to and from the park. Those of us that live there will have to struggle for parking spaces. Just last year I had a beer bottle thrown into the back of my car during this weekend…

Go find a field in North Georgia, folks.


Comment on Is Atlanta’s Music Midtown worth it? by andrew http://radiopotato.com/?p=4762&cpage=1#comment-7602 Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:55:52 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4762#comment-7602 Great points. Several of the acts (avett brothers, Florence and the machine, etc.) won’t be heard on the radio in Atlanta because they’re doing away with the one channel that plays them. Do.we really need another Top 40 station in Atlanta? The other day I changed the channel and heard the exact same song on the other channel. I can only take so much Katy Perry. Thankfully we have that wonderful thing Spotify.

I remember seeing Willie Nelson, Cake, Goodie Mob all in one day at Music Midtown. Those were the days!

Comment on MEET: The Fiddleheads, Seven Handle Circus, and Small Ponds (Americana in the Park) by Americana ponds | Allthingsgrati http://radiopotato.com/?p=4224&cpage=1#comment-7507 Sun, 09 Sep 2012 20:24:42 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4224#comment-7507 […] MEET: The Fiddleheads, Seven Handle Circus, and Small Ponds …Nov 4, 2011 … Tomorrow’s music is playing Park Tavern’s Americana in the Park today! Interviews and music from The Fiddleheads, Seven Handle Circus, … […]

Comment on Ray LaMontagne’s Wife Revealed by DUHH http://radiopotato.com/?p=2711&cpage=1#comment-7332 Tue, 14 Aug 2012 08:21:55 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=2711#comment-7332 @jo How about you GET A LIFE. All they did was speak the truth about him. He disrespects his commitment to his wife and he was rude to fans. If the truth about him bothers you than that’s your problem. Nobodies saying he is a saint, their just saying hes an adulterer. Your very naive to think personal life and the personal music people make aren’t connected. Its annoying when musicians sing about love and respect then turn around and do the opposite.

Comment on RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs for August 2012 by Allison (Rizk) Hare http://radiopotato.com/?p=4714&cpage=1#comment-7329 Tue, 14 Aug 2012 03:20:41 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4714#comment-7329 J-Justice is served! Nice work, Chris. And thanks for the comments.

Comment on RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs for August 2012 by Chris Bro http://radiopotato.com/?p=4714&cpage=1#comment-7328 Tue, 14 Aug 2012 03:11:41 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4714#comment-7328 great minds http://allthingsnext.com/2012/08/01/week-327-08_01_12/ nice list. As always

Comment on The Best Songwriter That Ever Lived by nick http://radiopotato.com/?p=2566&cpage=1#comment-7042 Sun, 08 Jul 2012 09:21:44 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=2566#comment-7042 I’m sorry and I know this is old but u guys should listen to conor oberst bright eyes…his lyrics are just mind blowing haha

Comment on Songs’ Most Iconic Drum Beats (Air Drummers Welcome) by Allison (Rizk) Hare http://radiopotato.com/?p=4619&cpage=1#comment-6631 Tue, 05 Jun 2012 21:00:09 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4619#comment-6631 Chris, that’s an awesome video!

Comment on Songs’ Most Iconic Drum Beats (Air Drummers Welcome) by Chris Bro http://radiopotato.com/?p=4619&cpage=1#comment-6623 Tue, 05 Jun 2012 15:04:28 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4619#comment-6623 love this post. I just found this too. You might enjoy.


Comment on Top 10 Earth-Shaking Albums via Spotify by Bruce http://radiopotato.com/?p=4588&cpage=1#comment-6369 Mon, 14 May 2012 12:58:12 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4588#comment-6369 Two that jump out to me:
Thriller, by Michael Jackson – barely a bad note on the whole album. A near-timeless masterpiece by a troubled but incredibly brilliant artist.
Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen – he’s raw, and emotional, and deep, and fun, and in short, he’s THE BOSS for a reason.

Comment on Top 10 Earth-Shaking Albums via Spotify by Allison (Rizk) Hare http://radiopotato.com/?p=4588&cpage=1#comment-6361 Mon, 14 May 2012 02:35:54 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4588#comment-6361 I love all BT’s albums. I totally almost put Live on there but thought the 90’s were a little too represented. I agree and love the comment. Thanks!

Comment on Top 10 Earth-Shaking Albums via Spotify by Shiek Yerbouti http://radiopotato.com/?p=4588&cpage=1#comment-6360 Mon, 14 May 2012 02:21:38 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=4588#comment-6360 I didn’t know you liked BT, you should give This Binary Universe a listen. It’s very different and very experimental, but I think it works, espeically with the visual DVD that comes with it. Good stuff.

Anyways, off the top of my head I can only think of two, first one is Mental Jewelry by Live. Here I was, a kid who grew up a hairband and Milli Vanilli (don’t ask lol) fan. As I grew from my youth to my teen years, this was the first album that simply just hit me. As someone who was trying to find his way in the world, emotionally and spirtually, this album helped me deal with that transition.

The second, well, you’ve seen my postings here so I’m sure you’ll have an idea who it’s from, but after thinking long and hard reading this article, its Continuum by John Mayer. I could’ve said just about any of his albums outside of the Trio and Battle Studies (though Heartbreak Warfare does a good job of describing my last relationship) and I’m sure Born and Raised will hit me pretty good, but as of now Continuum is the album I go back to, simply because, for me, its what I feel, despite fearing the unknown of getting older, I’m settling into me as a full fledged adult. Its why I continue to listen to his music, because as a man of similar age, I feel the music just knows what I’m personally going through and it’s telling me I’m not going through it alone, I have this great music to help ease it in, though sometimes I feel alone, I have these pieces of work to connect with.

Sorry, I’m rambling, but those are the two albums that are my Earth-Shaking albums.

Comment on Hostess with the Mostest: Americana in the Park by Lola Peron http://radiopotato.com/?p=3897&cpage=1#comment-6341 Thu, 10 May 2012 21:04:38 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=3897#comment-6341 Dear Allison

I hope you’ll consider reviewing the bilingual Americana/Blues THE GOTHAM ROOTS ORCHESTRA (GRO) debut EP/CD on your blog.

The one sheet and hi-fi streaming audio is available at our special reviewers site at:

For GRO, SoundCloud has the double advantage of being free for us and the trees. 🙂

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to find ourselves around Atlanta in the near future.

Lola Peron
Nono/Nona Recordings


CONTACT: Dana Whitco/Ben Yudkovitz @ Rock Fire Management • Email: gothamrootsorchestra@gmail.com • Website: gothamrootsorchestra.com • (917) 502-2519

THE GOTHAM ROOTS ORCHESTRA’s self-titled debut EP is a collection of live takes (no overdubs) completed in one five-hour recording session, plus the field recording of the final track, Mighty Jesus. From The Band-influenced strains of Goodman Hero, the guitar boogie of Mississippi Bound, the apocalyptic roadhouse cover of Steely Dan’s Black Friday, the bilingual blues-rock of Dark Stone (Ay De Mi), through the battle hymn strains of Mighty Jesus, GOTHAM ROOTS’ unique musical and lyrical poetry defines this debut.

THE GOTHAM ROOTS ORCHESTRA (GRO) first formed in New York City in the late summer of 2012 at INTAR Theater in Hell’s Kitchen. Led by guitarist/composer/producer (and Guggenheim Fellow/Smithsonian Folklife Fellow) Cristian Amigo, the bilingual GRO are music veteranos who use American roots musics, bad-ass guitars, and ready-to-stomp beats as a reference point for their chingón sound. Featuring anti-stupid songs about regular folks, dogs, comadres, veterans, black coffee, villains, capitalists, heroes, La Migra, repo men, SEX of course, and the NOW Americano life.

GRO is: Cristian Amigo – guitars, vocals; Angela Babin – guitars, tres, vocals); David Gould – bass; Diablo (Gonzalo Martinez de la Cotera) – drums

“I describe the sound as Americana, blues and beyond. One moment a slow, sex-infused blues, then a dark, raucous version of Steely Dan’s Black Friday. It’s like that.”
– Cristian Amigo (GRO guitarist, singer)

“GRO’s songs and grooves are a tribute to the American roots music and musicians that inspire us.”
– Angela Babin (GRO guitarist)”


“ GOODMAN HERO a John Lennon-inspired blues rock tune has all the gusto of the arena rock anthems that brought the house down when rock-n-roll was rock-n-roll. MISSISSIPPI BOUND boasts a rollicking road trip song sure to get people up and dancing. The early-era ZZ Top gritty guitar blues pumps and pops in all the right places.”

“This is the best roots band I’ve heard in years! You can’t help but know that they are going places. Great songs, Great players, Great grooves. I love GRO!”
– Elizabeth Ziff of BETTY and the L WORD




Comment on INTERVIEW: Getting to Know AMOS LEE by M http://radiopotato.com/?p=3662&cpage=1#comment-6332 Thu, 10 May 2012 09:25:23 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=3662#comment-6332 Nice conversation!

Comment on Can RadioPotato.com Interview the band RUSH? I say YES! by Dave Crout http://radiopotato.com/?p=1459&cpage=1#comment-6227 Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:21:39 +0000 http://radiopotato.com/?p=1459#comment-6227 Have to tried the conventional method – contacting the band’s management directly? Yes, I know they get a ton of email and phone calls, especially when a new album is released and a new tour announced… but it’s certainly worth a try. The more often they see the name RadioPotato, the more it will ring a bell. But certainly your plan to back-channel should continue. You probably know someone that knows somebody who’s friend can make it happen.
Good luck, I truly do hope you succeed. I would very much like to read your interview.