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March Madness Music: Top 5 Songs for March 2010 : RadioPotato

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Thursday, September 19th, 2019

March Madness Music: Top 5 Songs for March 2010


*not me

After analyzing my site statistics, I noticed that my Countdown or “Top” lists get the most amount of site traffic.  Since I’m not too proud to go for the short and dirty to get more people to the site, I thought I’d start a Top 5 campaign of the best music for each month.  Even though I don’t know jack about basketball or really, any kind of sport, but through some ridiculous request for me to be part of something called a “bracket,” I do know that March Madness exists…hence the title.

March has been a non-stop whirlwind of shows and musical inspiration.  Otherwise known as March Madness Music!  These are my Top 5 and I’d encourage you to list some of your favorites in the comments section below (scroll to the bottom to enjoy the Top 5 in a continous player). In no particular order, here we go…

1.  “Into Your Sun” – No Second Troy. I found No Second Troy as it is climbing up the charts on listener-fueled indie radio station, Fame Games.  It reminds me of a triumphant man walking into the sunset from a sleepy western town.  Strong vocals and harmonies, simplicity of a simple guitar surrounded by a full anthemic sound.  This song was featured on www.spin.com

2.  “The Walls Are Coming Down” – Fanfarlo. I got to use my VIP status (read: thanks Nick Tapp) to sneak across the 3-music venue complex to see UK band, Fanfarlo playing next door to Needtobreathe.  I was introduced to this band by music zealot and radio-ho  Nick Tapp.   This London-based band uses trumpets, mandolins, banjos, and violins while mixing with traditional instruments like guitars and drums.  According to their Wikipedia page:

 Their single “The Walls Are Coming Down” was released during September 2009. The music video[1] for the single was produced by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard[2] and features one of Europe’s top escape artists Roslyn Walker[3] performing his version of the Hanging Straitjacket Escape, a classic stunt first performed by Harry Houdini in the early 1900s.

3.  “In Your Arms” – Jason Zerbin. I have been in love with this song since I first heard it last Spring from once again, the online indie radio station, Fame Games.  With the release of Canadian artist, Jason Zerbin’s new album Of Fools and Gold,” Jason’s music is an expansive soundscape  of indie pop/rock anthems.  He uses gorgeous string arrangements while his voice carefully soars over the building beats and melodies.  It has a palatable pop sensibility that is reminiscent of Coldplay and David Gray.  He’s ready for prime time and his music will stick in your head long after the album ends.  You can download the album here, and in the meantime, enjoy of my fave March picks: 

4.  “Hannah” – Freelance Whales. Growing evidence supports that I really love electronic music surrounded by a full vibrant sound.  I believe I got this song from a free SXSW sampler from this year and just loved it. I found another music blog called Elbows that describes Freelance Whales “Hannah” perfectly: 
 “Tambourines, banjo, glockenspiel, cello and harmonium line their music, along with more traditional instruments like guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. And while it’s not entirely original (what is nowadays); they blend the sharp electronic stabs of The Postal Service; the urban country twang of Noah and the Whale and Bishop Allen’s slightly awkward hipster melodies, they come across as a band following their hearts, working on a sound that will satisfy fans of the indie pop”

5.  “To Whom It May Concern” – The Civil Wars. After seeing The Civil Wars perform live at Eddie’s Attic this month. Joy Williams and John Paul White’s new song “To Whom It May Concern” is played with such sweet sorrow and hope that you could hear a pin drop.  My home girl, Freddie Eberlein captured it on video.  This performance was particularly astounding as you could hear audible gasps from the crowd.  We all knew we were witnessing a kind of magic.  Sometimes there are no words to describe how your heart feels…and The Civil Wars marry such poignant lyrics with an infectious hook that its masterful brilliance sings your heart perfectly (lyrics below). For more on breakout duo The Civil Wars, click here.

To Whom It May Concern” – The Civil Wars – Lyrics

“Why are you so far from me?

In my arms is where you ought to be

How long will you make me wait?

I don’t know how much more I can take

I missed you

But I haven’t met you

Oh how I want to

How I do

Slowly counting down the days

Till I finally know your name

Ooo the way your hand feels round my waist

The way you laugh

The way your kisses taste

I missed you

But I haven’t met you

Oh how I want to

How I do, How I do

I missed you

But I haven’t met you

Oh how I missed you

I haven’t met you

Oh but I want to

Oh how I want to

Do you ever hear my name?

I’m still waiting patiently.”

Thanks for checking out the March Madness Music Top 5 Song picks.  I’d love to know yours.  Please comment in the section below.  Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the band Slow Runner, your life will be a complete mess.  Check out their scene here.  Love, Allison

About the author

Allison Hare wrote 138 articles on this blog.

A modern-day dame with a bionic ear for discovering emerging artists and a penchant for live shows. Admitted radio junkie



11 Responses to “March Madness Music: Top 5 Songs for March 2010”
  1. Music Online says:

    The real madness is in December when people are hunting for Christmas gifts. Music Online

  2. JrzyGyrl says:

    If you like No Second Troy, you should really check out The Influence – http://www.theinfluence.com. One of my favorite up and coming rock bands!

    P.S. NST is playing Charlotte in May if you want to come up! 🙂

  3. Anurag says:

    excellent picks!!! My favourite….Fanfarlo (and because of you I have already purchased the album).

    Although the sound reminds me of another band….Beirut? Fleet Foxes? Can’t put my finger on it…..

    Of the rest, Second Troy and Civil wars were really good. Will keep an eye on these bands.

    BTW, one of your links is broken (or is not accessible from Canada)…“In Your Arms” – Jason Zerbin

  4. Allison Rizk says:

    Whoa! Thank you for the catch on that link. It’s fixed now. I appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you like Fanfarlo. You are right, they are similar to that grassroots feel of the “Bearded Folk” that is Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, etc. What are your top songs for March?

  5. Allison Rizk says:

    Cool, find, girl! You always come up with new artists I haven’t heard of. Thanks for your comment…it’s much appreciated!

  6. Bruce says:

    What? No country? No “Gimme that girl” by Joe Nichols, or “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum?

  7. Allison Rizk says:

    Michelle, thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you like teh music and THANK YOU for telling me about the broken link. It is now fixed. Thanks again!

  8. Blake says:

    i love your blog, you inspire me everyday

  9. Allison Rizk says:

    Wow! Thank you. You inspire me every day to keep doing it. Thanks for the comment. It means a lot.


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