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Why are these cr*ppy bands so popular??? : RadioPotato

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Why are these cr*ppy bands so popular???


My friend, Jason once told me that if a homeless man was beating on a garbage can, I would think he was the most amazing musician. I did see Bjork’s movie Dancer in the Dark and while this concept may not be unheard of, there are plenty of bands/artists that I can’t stand.

I started compiling a list of bands that are incredibly popular, but when I hear it, I get urges to punch people in the face. Here are a few of my main offenders:

Nickelback – Chad Kroeger’s voice makes me feel like I’m eternally trapped in a 1’x 1′ room with no windows or doors
Shinedown – I have friends in the record industry that represent this band…all I can say is that the record label really did their job. Holy overkill!
Wilco – So many people worship this band, but I just plain don’t get it
Radiohead – I know I’m going to get blasted for this one. Their musicianship is brilliant – without question. I can’t stand Thom Yorke’s falsetto!
Fleetwood Mac AND Stevie Nicks – 30+ years of grating on my nerves. I should have learned how to drown them out by now
Daughtry – you are getting dangerously close. STFU!

Okay, enough on the trip to negative-town. I understand that not everyone will have the same tastes as me and trust me, as much as I hear these crap bands, I’d love to figure out a reason to love them.

In the meantime, if you are on the fence about the following bands or styles, I understand. I was too – and have happily converted to trumpet my love!

Grateful Dead – I don’t think this legendary jam band sounded good to ANYONE the first time they heard it unless they were high as a kite. After a fun night of partying in college, I finally, finally saw the light (or maybe Jerry Garcia in a room lit with black light). Now the Grateful Dead channel is my #1 preset on my XM Radio. “She’s a summer lovin’ in Spring, Fall, and Winter..she can make happy any man alive.” – Sugar Magnolia

Ryan Adams – He has been a cool artist to learn to love. Over the years, his music has been classified as Alt-Country. True, but his music has truly been all over the map when it comes to styles and his experimentation. I’ve noticed he’s become more accessible in later years. With Ryan’s brilliance and passion, all you need is to listen to ONE hook or ONE line that grabs you, and he’s eternally and happily planted right under your skin. You just want more. Plus, he puts on a great live show!

Rap / Hip-Hop Music – This has been one of my favorite acquired love interests. I hear so many people complain that hip-hop is just noise and sampled tracks shouting about bitches and da’ hood. Granted, I can’t relate to lyrics about bullets whizzing by my head or growing up with gangs around. I grew up in an affluent town called Watchung, New Jersey. But here’s what I did find. When you start to actually listen – you’ll realize there is so much talent in freestyling and rapping THAT FAST. How do they think of those rhymes and put ’em together so quickly? To me, it’s an art form that deserves proper respect. Add a funky hook and a fat beat and voila! I’m in love.

Discovering redeeming qualities in music that make my ears bleed can be deeply satisfying. It allows me to keep expanding my musical horizons and continue to bring delicious new music to satisfy your ears, too.

About the author

Allison Hare wrote 138 articles on this blog.

A modern-day dame with a bionic ear for discovering emerging artists and a penchant for live shows. Admitted radio junkie



10 Responses to “Why are these cr*ppy bands so popular???”
  1. gozosa1980 says:

    @allisonrebecca1 haha. gotta admit, i really do like fleetwood mac. :0) LOL i luv your blog!

  2. amanda says:

    Um…why are you talking about crappy bands but you have a clear picture of the Jonas Brothers. Those two do not go together. 🙂

  3. Javier says:

    Here’s one for your negative vault I hope gets filed away and never ever played again, how about kanye West and anything this loser has ever released. Does this dishrag come with a mute button? I know he has a self district button as he has clearly shown the past few months! Radiohead rules! O’Doyal Rules!! Ha Ha. Love ya girl, have a good night.


  4. Christian says:

    I agree, so many Crappy Bands today! Don’t you miss the early 90’s? Everyone was doing their own thing yet the music universe was in harmony. There was something for everybody. Well recognized bands had their own distinct style and sound. It was the last golden age of the modern format. It was a great time to be a music fan.

    Seattle had Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. Chicago had The Smashing Pumpkins, The Indie kids had Sonic Youth, Weezer, Pavement and all the other great acts of Sub Pop and Matador record. Post-Smiths’ UK had their own heavyweights in Oasis and Radiohead (Yes! Thom and co. -bloody Genius! Brilliant!) and a blooming Manchester scene in Blur, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, etc . The Post-Cure goth kids grew into the peak of Industrial acts like Ministry, Font 242, Nitzerebb, and Nine Inch Nails. Ravers had Prodigy! Smack my biatch up Prodigy. High school kids and frat-boys alike had Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Alice in Chains. Even the sensitive-art-school-girl(or boy)-in-turmoil had Tori Amos. Rap/hip-hop fans had Dre’s chronic, Snoops’ Doggystyle, Wu Tang and Biggie.

    The early 90’s was a bazaar of acts, a sprawling open market to music fans from all genre and style. I miss those days.

  5. Allison Rizk says:

    Christian, thanks for your thoughts. REALLY well thought-out and I have to agree. I totally miss the Stone Roses. Remember how amazing the 9:54 of Fool’s Gold was? Bjork will always rock, too. Thanks again! Can’t wait to get your music up here. We need to talk soon-

  6. Rhiannon says:

    I agree with MOST of the bands you’re blasting here, but are the CRAPPY? Or are you just sick of hearing them? Big difference.

  7. Wonkus says:

    Fleetwood Mac is an amazingly talented band that kicks the crap out of your apparent taste in music. A killer live act too, even today.

    But I agree with the rest of your picks.

  8. brandon says:

    I have to disagree on Wilco and Ryan Adams. In the right setting, that stuff is great. I guess a yankee gal can’t like alt-country either?

    I like the modern alt-country artists out there and recently was introduced to the godfather of alt-country, Lyle Lovett. I wrote about it here: http://www.dailysoundtrack.com/2010/discovering-lylelovett/

    Rap and hip hop… Agreed. A few standouts for me are The Roots, Jurassic 5, and Jay Z. The difference is that they present their music as an art form. Most of the other stuff is just noise.

  9. Allison Rizk says:

    Brandon, I actually LOVE Ryan Adams. He was an acquired taste. Wilco? Still haven’t gotten it. Thanks for the note!

  10. Meade says:

    Wilco is from Chicago, and Country Music may have originated South, but many artists are mainly from the Midwest and even Canada. I dont see Country Music as a Southern artform, as it hasnt been for at least 40 years. So this idea about Yankees cant like Country is really bigoted and ignorant. I know plenty of Country fans from Upstate NY and the Midwest . They are Yankees. I’m from Virginia, and while Country Music surely is popular here, most people I know are not big fans of the genre, and I related before that Virginia is the Birthplace of Country Music.

    But Rap Music- that is simply unmusical noise to my ears.

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