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Help Wanted: Sugarland : RadioPotato

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Help Wanted: Sugarland


I have a secret. And I think I let it slip out this weekend. And it was NOT pretty.

I got a chance to spend some time with people I met through Twitter and ultimately, RadioPotato.com last night. Three super-cool girls that are REALLY into music and v-e-r-y into Sugarland.

Maybe because I have interviewed Eddie Owen from Eddie’s Attic and Jennifer Nettles had previously owned the venue in her early days, I have had A LOT of Sugarland fans be extremely kind to me and have graciously promoted Radiopotato to their friends.  For that, I’m extremely grateful and respectful.

Anyway, something came out of my mouth that was greeted with 3 horrified looks and for a moment, almost complete disgust and disbelief.  I said I didn’t get Sugarland.  There, I said it. 

Maybe it’s because I was born a yankee and never really got country music at all.  Maybe it’s a little too twangy for my ears.  I respect Jennifer and Kristian Bush tremendously for their incredible story and especially their contributions to the music scene in Atlanta.  I just don’t get the music.

So I thought I’d call on the legions of fans and ask…at the risk of being lambasted, cursed, and abandoned altogether…what it is about Sugarland do you love so much?  I really want to know.

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Allison Hare wrote 138 articles on this blog.

A modern-day dame with a bionic ear for discovering emerging artists and a penchant for live shows. Admitted radio junkie



43 Responses to “Help Wanted: Sugarland”
  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Alison! You asked…here’s an answer. First of all, before I get started…I’m sad you don’t “get them”, I’m still holding out hope. Now, for my answer…There are a million reasons I could give you as to why I LOVE them, but a couple of simple ones?
    Their positive energy, and message, I wake up with them on my Ipod everyday, and I wake up with a smile on my face. Another reason, they helped me through some dark, difficult times. Jennifer has often said things about music being able to help and heal, they’ve proved this theory over and over, for me and many of my close friends. I can be having the WORST day, week, month ever…and one song, one video, anything… and my day is instantly better, and brighter.
    Also, they write their music, they are there in every creative aspect of it. The lyrics, the music, the production, everything. You’re looking at two insanely creative and intelligent people, who have their imprint on everything they do.
    I could go on, and on, but I won’t sit here and bore you. Give them a listen. Ask some of the fans for some of their favorite songs, and why that particular song is their favorite, you’ll hear a ton of different stories, and start to understand what kind of impact they have on many of their fans. 🙂

    Hope this helps at least a little. 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    I must say I’m amazed at the fact that you ‘don’t get’ them. Maybe you really have to be a true fan before you really can understand the depth of the craziness. One reason I really drew to them was through the song ‘Baby Girl’. I was actually waiting on a Carrie Underwood video, and happened to stumble upon their music. After purchasing ‘Twice the Speed of Life’, I found a song that truely resonates with me and strikes a chord. Ever since then I’ve become a mega-fan! Jennifer is one of those people that knows where she comes from and what got her here, as well as Kristian. I just see Jennifer’s more being a member of Georgia 4-H, as she was. I actually had the privilege to meet Kristian at Eddie’s Attic last November. He was the sweetest, and talked with almost everyone there. That just shows they both care about their fans .Jennifer and Kristian are also two people who aren’t afriad to dare to be different. When I say dare to be different, I don’t mean crazy off the wall things. They just find simple ways to push the envelope of country music. The two write and speak from the soul. They aren’t afraid to dare and aren’t afraid to dream. That is why v-e-r-y into Sugarland.

  3. Jillian says:

    The timing of this post is funny because I was just having a conversation on this very topic last weekend. It all started with a Nickelback song that turned my stomach (as all Nickelback songs do) and I made a disgusted comment to the group about how I can’t believe that band has had so many radio hits and great artists that I (we) see locally all the time can’t seem to make it. Anyway, along with Nickelback, Snow Patrol and Sugarland were mentioned and only one person argued the merit of Sugarland. Maybe because I was raised on country music, I am not as turned off by Sugarland as I am the other two bands mentioned, but I still don’t get it either, Allison. I guess this comment isn’t helping answer your question, but I thought I’d weigh in anyway. 🙂

  4. Morgan says:

    To me, listening to Sugarland is more than just double-clicking a song on itunes or popping in a cd in the car. The feeling I get when I hear a song is like the feeling you get when you’re driving, windows down on a cool summer night really fast over hills on an empty street. It goes beyond the music; beyond the instruments, beyond the lyrics. Listening to Sugarland ignites something inside of everyone. It can make you laugh, cry and most importantly make you indeed feel connected to what you are listening to. Jennifer and Kristian have given themselves fully to their career which is shown in their music. They have also, in my opinion, given themselves fully to their fans. They desire to make their fans feel as if they love us as much as we love them.

    My one suggestion to you, though it may be a real stretch, is to see Sugarland live. Although you may think I’m crazy for suggesting that you pay money for a concert ticket to see a band that you “don’t really get”, I can assure you that I have seen people’s opinions change right before my eyes. The place to fall in love with Sugarland is on stage. They are completely moving to watch in person. There aren’t really words to explain it to someone who has never experienced it, but I can say that if you wanted to make a conscious effort in understand the beauty of Sugarland’s music and the beauty of Jennifer and Kristian’s personalities than the place to do so is definitely on tour.

    I could go on forever! I really hope that you give them a chance because once you “get them” you won’t be able to believe that it took you so long to do so 🙂

  5. james says:


    What’s up friend? Long time….. but listen I’m not so much a Sugarland fanatic as I am a Jennifer Nettles fanatic. Check out her solo work prior to Sugarland, and her prior band Soul Miner’s Daughter…I think it will give you a new appreciation as to the depth of her songwriting and amazing vocals…..


  6. Jennifer says:

    First let me say I did not listen to country music “at all” before my daughter (11) and I watched crossroads with BonJovi . In a short period of time she knew every word of each song on Twice the speed of Life and on to every CD released.

    In a way I think you answered your own question…unbeknownst to yourself.
    >>I respect Jennifer and Kristian Bush tremendously for their incredible story and especially their contributions to the music scene in Atlanta. I just don’t get the music<< The fact that Jennifer and Kristian brought both of their styles of music together may be why you don't get it...think outside of the box...yes it is country music but not the traditional music you hear from others. Maybe since you didn't grow up listening to country music you assumed all country music is the same.....Jennifer and Kristian have brought their (Soul minors daughter, Billy Pilgrim) songwriting skills together to form the Sugarland we know today. Even with Kristen in the early days ...their songs told stories ...they still do today...ones we can relate too but with a sound that catches our attention.... one that is Sugarland and you know it when you hear it. The way they bring the songs to life on stage helps us to "get the music" ...the expression and workmanship of each song is sold to us all on CD and live. What they brought to the Atlanta music scene has clearly come together to form the music of Sugarland. I understand that it's hard to "get the music" for all bands, genres and artists. We will continue to "get the music" of Sugarland and hope that one day we will see a post at RadioPotatoe with a different point of view. Hopefully our thoughts will help!

  7. Bruce says:

    I love Sugarland! They have a great sound, and writing their own music is a serious plus. They’re not singing actors (i.e., just belting out other people’s words). They have fun songs, serious songs, and sweet songs. Plus, they tend to swing between country and rock and roll, my two favorites. Rock and Roll with a twang!

  8. Allison, have you heard her voice?! Amazing. The first time I heard her, it reminded me of whats-her-face from the Dixie Chicks. Twangy, yes. Talented, crazily. Sugarland’s music is happy and heartbreaking at the same time. I am a fan. And, yes, it could be you don’t get it because you’re a yankee. 🙂

  9. Kristy says:

    Ahhh – I’ve had a bit of time to process this, and am now calm, cool, and collected. Clearly, you have good taste in music – I visit this website on a regular basis just to find new music or have something to play while I work. Asking “what is it” I love so much about Sugarland is like asking me while I like chocolate… it’s how I come. I could write a book of reasons behind my Sugar-love… but I’ll try and keep this short and simple.
    I love music, all kinds of music, I always have. I don’t pick a “type” of music because I love so many different varieties most people would just walk away confused. As a rule, country is not my favorite… there’s only so many songs I can listen to about a dog, a truck, and an ex-wife/girlfriend. I am, usually, a “bouncy” kind of person who likes to relax, dance around, and smile with the music. Sugarland has that perfected. Their music is a celebration – life lessons learned, heartbreak, joy, etc… if there’s an emotion, I can find you a Sugarland song to go with it. It’s a simple, yet effective way to forget your problems and troubles and remember why you enjoy life.
    I do agree with James; listen to some of Jennifer’s old stuff – fantastic! Plus, it gives you an understanding of where she came from and how much she’s grown as an artist. That’s another thing – Sugarland doesn’t just do what they know will work… they keep their fans guessing, it’s a giant “OMG what’s next!” feeling every time you turn around. Each album shows marked growth in their writing abilities, musical capacity, and overall entertainment value.
    Finally, if you haven’t seen them live, do yourself a favor and spend a few bucks on a ticket. Both Jennifer and Kristian have this amazing ability to make you feel that you’re the one person, in a sea of thousands, that they’re there for. Seeing them live, no matter how many times, is like a rollercoaster of excitement.
    Hope this helps, at least a little… Lord help me child, you made my heart stop just a beat when I first read this. BTW: Have you pulled up any YouTube videos of “Incredible Machine” in concert? Epic!

  10. Krista says:

    Hey Allison! A lot of people don’t “get” Sugarland and I think as Lindsay said, you have to be true fan to understand the craziness. BUT, the love I have for Sugarland goes past their songs, it is the individuals behind the name. I have all of Jennifer’s prior stuff and absolutely adore the rawness and passion in the lyrics and that goes for the lyrics in all of Sugarland’s stuff. I got hooked after seeing them live. Their performance was infectious and before I knew it, I was thinking “I need to get my hands on all things Sugarland”..that’s when I started looking into who they were and reading as many articles and interviews as I could about them. Their songs resinate with the average person. I won’t go into details, but their song “Keep You” made me cry the first time I heard it. It was like these 2 wrote a song about my life and they didn’t even know me! If you want to read my blog about it on sugarlandmusic.com here is the link http://www.sugarlandmusic.com/member/blog.aspx?mid=55099. Not only do these two care about their music and their fans…but their fans are absolutely the best people on the planet! Some of my closest friends, I met through the fan club. Hopefully you will come to Eddie’s on 8/6 (when a few of us will be there) and we can talk to you more about why we love Sugarland and hopefully help you “get” them!! and don’t worry about being bashed or cussed out…true Sugarland fans wouldn’t do that, they would want to help you up on the bandwagon 😉

  11. Alyssa says:

    Hey everyone…great points and I totally agree…but lets not forget about Kristian’s old material as well! Billy Pilgrim and some of his own solo stuff is just as great as JN’s older stuff, too 🙂 just sayin’…

  12. Rhi says:

    Hey Allison,

    You know what? You and I are totally in sync, here (and I am a Yankee, too). I don’t get it either! I am SO not a country music gal, but I love and respect their story.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Be well

  13. Alexis says:

    I think everybody is different, people like different things. So you may not get Sugarland, but you my get someone else. Someone who inspires you to be a better person, someone who helps you through the day, who makes you smile and makes you happy, some who makes you feel like you are not alone. That is what draws me to Sugarland. I am a yankee, I never listened to Country Music before hearing Sugarland. Last year randomly (or maybe fate) I heard a Sugarland song. I thought, she’s got a great voice, who are these guys. After some research and downloading ALL of their music, they changed my life. Not joking, changed it for the better. Through their lyrics they opened my eyes to the way I was living. I made some changes and had the best year of my life last year, and I am continuing it this year. I owe a lot of my happiness to them. They pick me up when I am down, their music speaks volumes to me, the lyrics, the whole Sugarband themselves as inspiring people, the way they perform, for me it’s like nothing else in the world. So you may not see them the way I do, but the people who love them, usually love them for the same reasons; they are an inspiration, they make beautiful music, they are wonderful people, and fantastic entertainers. If you don’t happen to see them that way, it’s fine, but I can only hope that there is someone in your life that you look at and go wow, they have changed my life. For me, it’s Sugarland!

  14. Kathryn says:

    You might “get them” more now than you did when they first arrived on the scene. Jennifer should just lay off the overemphasized twang that was never really evident in her solo work because I personally don’t think they should be categorized under country any more. I think it was just a way to get their foot finally in the door and on the charts. However you gotta do it is fine, but if you are gonna abandon the country music sound and look altogether, don’t call yourself country. Jennifer dresses more like Lady Gaga in concert these days than the girl in jeans and bare feet when they first hit the country scene. Kristian has abandoned his cowboy hat for top hats that make him look more like a 3 ring circus leader. Is this Sugarland or The White Stripes? http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/files/2010/06/Sugarland.gif What was so wrong with this? http://www.kenworth.com/newspics/Sugarland.jpg Don’t get me wrong. I used to be one of the die hards. I’ve seen them in concert more times than you can count on 6 hands. Jennifer Nettles can sing. She always could and she always will. But if you’re gonna call yourself a country act, leave this mess at home. – http://www.sugarlandmusic.com/images/local/500/ccafe7ed-149d-47ef-8d8f-aa97b4b11879.jpg

  15. Krista says:

    so kathyrn…it’s wrong for them to evolve and grow as artists and entertainers? jennifer in no way dresses like lady gaga and if you had actually gone to a show this year, you would see that she only wears the hoop skirt for 1 song “incredible machine”…it’s part of the vibe and feel they are going for in this tour….steampunk. just because they are reaching and stretching the boundaries of country music doesn’t mean they should no longer be in the genre. look at kenny…he sounds more like jimmy buffet now and has more of a beach vibe to his songs…beach, to me, isn’t country. country music as a genre has evolved and changed from patsy cline’s day…and that is why sugarland is a perfect fit in the genre…they evolve and change each year…it’s what us fans “expect” of them. they don’t stick with the bubble gum cookie cutter image that people have of country music. if that’s wrong…then i dont’ ever want them to be right!

  16. Kathryn says:

    I know she only wears the skirt for “Incredible Machine.” So don’t just assume that I don’t know that. You don’t know who many shows I’ve been to this year. I can still think it looks ridiculous. It’s my opinion. Just like you have yours.

  17. Tony says:

    I applaud your courage to ask such a question… nice work. Who is Sugarland? 😉

  18. Javier says:

    I don’t like the music to be honest nut I would think
    it’s the good positive message the group represents. What I mean is no rough language and a positive image for all who enjoy their style of music. A good example for contrast is looking at how Sugarland carry an image in public and to the public and then we have the idiot Kanye West showing us what not to look at or have out kids listen to. He is an idiot an Sugarland are wholesome and I think the public recognize that. What do you think?

  19. Sheryl says:

    Well Kathryn does have a point to an extent. Their image has changed here in the last few months, and if that’s what they want to do, so be it. I agree that it’s the farthest thing from country. Steampunk certainly doesn’t sound anything like country to me.

    Some of these fan club people crack me up. They have to give some sort of retort if someone has a difference of opinion that isn’t all roses and sunshine. Some things will never change. Just let people speak their mind. You already gave your opinion. Move on.

  20. Tyler Z says:

    Many here have made valid points. From the feelings that Sugarland’s music provides, to their image. I love Sugarland’s music with a passion, it is easy to listen to, the lyrics speak to me, and for me, it’s there after a bad day and ready to celebrate after a good day. The uniqueness of Nettle’s voice combined with the strum of a guitar provide a fulfilling sound that echos on. I love their music, and I even love the changes we’ve seen over the recent months with the duo. They have gone from “classic country” in their first album, Twice The Speed Of Life, to a more upbeat modern type in their soon to be released album “Incredible Machine.” While some might not agree with this change/movement, do we all want to listen to the same type of country music? The same 1960 hallow sounding guitar? No! Being different and unique gives an appeal to a group, and that is exactly what Sugarland has done! I love every single one of their albums for various reasons, and I listen to their music almost constantly! My iTunes play count for all of their tracks combined is in excess of 29,000!!! And what I love is that Jennifer and Kristian write all of their own music…They aren’t spinning off others- they are original to their souls. (At their concerts, they do have some AWESOME covers of their favorite songs, which I love, because it’s a chance for them to show the fans what music they enjoy!) Music is a funny thing…. You either like a song or you don’t, you either like a band or you don’t. Everyone has a unique taste for what type(s) of music they like, some might like strictly the oldies, some might only like rock, and some like a variety of music. A little of this, a little of that, and maybe a sprinkle of that hip-hop or pop. For me, it’s EXTREMELY rare for me to like an artist as a whole, top to bottom, every album… BUT – I LOVE Sugarland has a whole, top to bottom, every album. They are one of TWO artists that I thoroughly enjoy. You have your own taste of music, and I’m not about to shove my tastes down your throat, but I do think you should give Sugarland another listen, and perhaps give them some time to grow on you if need be, but I think there’s atleast one song by them that everyone can either enjoy or relate too! 🙂 Have a great day everybody.

  21. Allie says:

    Why do I love Sugarland so much? Well, their music has gotten me through a VERY tough time. I became a fan right around the time a friend and I (who is a fan) had a falling out and listening to Sugarland would help me remember her (and we actually patched things up thank goodness) I moved from Ohio to California on August 29, 2009 and that was the toughest time in my life and listening to them would just make me forget everything and relive my first concert. I was never a fan of country until I heard Sugarland. They’re like my therapy, they make me happy and I’m forever grateful for their music and their positive message. Jennifer and Kristian are positive people with positive and uplifting music. I met so many great people via the fanclub and Facebook and Twiiter who share my love of the duo.

    I also think it’s great if they want to change their image yearly. It’s exciting and fun and it works for them. You cant have just ONE image *coughtaylorswiftdressanduggscough*

    And Sheryl, we’re FANS, so naturally, we’re going to defend them. So what? You have YOUR opinions, we have ours. And we have the right as fans to defend them. So what if they have a Steampunk image. It works for them. You cant expect a band to just have one image for 5+ years.

  22. Briana says:

    Everyone has thier opinions on music..for me I love sugarland because beacuse of a certain song “fly away” Ive heard them on the radio all the time as a kid..it was all my grandma would play in the car was country most the time. I always waited for “baby girl” and “suds in the bucket” to come on but I never knew who sang either one. A couple years after that I watched somethin on OnDemand and it was a full concert at summerfest with sugarland and didn’t realize how many songs I knew but never knew who sang them.I watched that show over and over all summer! I then became fully obsessed and slowly bought all the songs off iTunes and heard “fly away” and what I’m gettin at is that songs means so much to me and that I relate to it in so many ways. find a song from sugarland that you relate to the most..you might just “get” them. I listen to that song almost everyday..there is no song I can possibly relate to the most. You may not find the one that realtes the most to you but everysong out there does just a little:)

  23. Tyler Z says:

    I agree with Briana.. you just “get” them and you relate and it “clicks” like all good things in life, they “spark” and you know it’s right for you.

  24. Melinda says:

    There are so many reasons that I love Sugarland that I don’t know where to start. I’ll try to give you some valid reasons though. First of all they are super sweet and nice to their fans which is the main thing that I look for in an artist. If they don’t treat their fans right then I don’t even bother. They like to keep the fans involved in their music and at their concerts. You feel like you are part of their show when you go to a concert. You forget about work and all the bad things in your life for that 1 1/2 or so that you are at their concert. What I love about their music is that it’s positive, meaningful, and you can relate to it. When I listen to their music I feel the emotions that are throughout the song. They know their fans and try to supply us with music that they think we will love and we do. They also know that no matter what they do we are all along for the ride. I just adore Jennifer and Kristian and am so glad that they make amazing music for us fans. Hope this helps and hope I didn’t ramble too much.

  25. Jessica K. says:

    When “Something More” came out in 2005, I was stuck working in a upscale department store in a department few people actually knew existed. That song inspired me to take a (however failed) risk and quit that job in hopes of something better.

    That’s just one example of a Sugarland Song I identify with – the thing that keeps me buying every album the day they come out is the sheer number of songs that almost tell my life story. I am a local music artist myself, and I have to remind myself everytime I go out that I know more than just Sugarland songs, or else I would play nothing but.

    In short, Sugarland plays the soundtrack of my life.

  26. Maria says:

    I’m going to need to process a little more, but for now I’ll just share something I wrote a few months back. I blog a lot about my Sugarland experiences. I wrote this exactly one year after my first Sugarland concert and there was definitely a lot of positives to reflect on. Read the full blog here: http://mwasmokeandmirrors.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-one-year-sugarland-anniversary.html

    Minneapolis, Minnesota: “After I returned home from an incredible weekend in Minneapolis, I was hooked. I joined the Sugarland fan club and before I knew it was connecting with and sharing my love for this band with many other fans that felt the same way as I felt. To love a band is one thing, but to be able to share that with others is something else. Sugarland fans, or “Sugarfriends” are seriously the best and have made this journey so special. I attended 3 more shows in 2009 after Minneapolis, including a 6 hour drive to Buffalo, New York and a front row spot at the closing night of the tour with fellow Sugarfriends. A night I will never forget. I am so excited for the brand new Incredible Machine Tour, which kicks off next week!!! My first stop is next month near Pittsburgh with about 6 more shows to follow, all of which will be spent with friends that Jennifer and Kristian’s music has lead me to in one way or another. So thankful for that. I am also excited that my family will get to experience their first Sugarland show as well. They’ll be joining me and a million other Sugarcubes in Alpharetta, GA this August. My father often teases me about any sort of Sugarland hype that is going on, which is understandable because I do get quite excited as all of you can appreciate, I’m sure. But it makes me smile to know that at the same time, he can understand and acknowledge the wonderful thing that is going on here. I was home in Ann Arbor visiting last weekend and just had to show my dad the video of Jennifer speaking to the Georgia Assembly on behalf of 4-H. I was so touched by it, and sure enough so was my dad. Afterward, I turned to him and he had tears in his eyes. “Dad, are you crying?!?!” “Yeah, I am. That was great, and spoken from the heart. It doesn’t get more real than that. She’s incredible.” And then, consequently, we were both pretty much in tears… I can only recall a few times in my entire life where I have seen my dad cry, so needless to say I will never forget that moment.

    So for me, it all started on an unusually weather perfect, warm April evening in Minnesota… I am so thankful for this year and all the happiness it has brought me.”

  27. Emily says:

    I’m a born and breed yankee too, but i have absolutely fallen in love with country music, especially Sugarland. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, I can listen to Sugarland and find a song that expresses what I’m feeling. The music is relatable and, no matter how cliche it sounds, truly is the soundtrack of my life. Check out my blog entry on it to hear my story: http://emilychauncey.wordpress.com/tag/sugarland/ 🙂

  28. hannah says:

    Well hello there! I’ll confess: I didn’t read everyone’s comments, but I know they are all worthy of **your** reading because us Sugarland fans are loyal and dedicated to our duo. I’d like to consider us the type of people who want to make good in the world. Much like Jennifer & Kristian… if you don’t believe me, just do a little research on all of the proactive things they’ve done to make strangers’ lives better… I could write a ten page comment to convince you about how they’ve “changed the world,” but there’s something else…

    When you’re 15 and your friend drags you to a concert that you didn’t want to go to, and you sit in the audience of about 100 people, arms folded & jaded about having to sit through another show….. and then… you leave … secretly inspired. moved. touched. obsessed with attending the show the next night even though it is 500 miles away and only 18+ …. when you’re so inspired by INSPIRED MUSIC that you come to “know” a band. Their music sounds like home. Their concerts are like skydiving they’re so unreal.

    Then there’s always that let down… when you finally are lucky enough to meet the person or people you look up to most in the world. Sure their music or concerts have inspired you, but we always hear how people are so disappointed about how rude the people are in person. And its true… but not for Jennifer or Kristian. These people are for real. Their dedication to their fans goes right back to their love of touching lives. I mean really, I could ramble for days about how AWESOME it was to meet them the first time. I literally didn’t speak a word…. but I think they got it. Haha

    Anyways… I don’t usually go around petitioning for Sugarland in these types of situations. You pretty much GET THEM or you don’t, and I respect that. I used to get all butt-hurt and crazy when people would bash them and what not (not that you did…. totally). BUT…. YOU ASKED 😉 A bunch of personal anecdotes might not convince you even. They’ve kind of just become a really important part of our lives. Almost like… an eyeball or something 😛 So whatever they do, or sing, or write… whatever everyone else thinks about them, we are all lucky enough to hold some of the greatest music & lyrics close to our hearts.

    If you still aren’t convinced, I recommend two things:

    1. Go to the Sugarland website & read Jennifer’s blogs.
    2. Wait until October 19 because their new album is coming out… and it’s going to be OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!

    I really hope you can hop on board the Sugar Train because you are seriously missing out!

  29. hannah says:

    PS – is it wrong that anti-sugarlanders secretly make me very happy?

    i mean… i could go OFF on a certain blondie with a mess of curls who has overtaken the world in recent years… seriously. it could get ugly. so i’ll refrain.

    BUT, look at how huge her career has gotten!!! with the lovers comes just as many haters!

    I think its great!!!

    Congratulations J&K!! You have haters! You must be doing something right 😀

  30. Briana says:

    I didn’t include this in my 1st comment and i just have to say beside their songs they are inspiring to me in other ways..sugarland inspired me write music.it’s something I absolutely love to do. Thier writing abilities are amazing and I try hard to get to that level but it ain’t happenin haha..also Jennifer is absoutly gorgeous! I think she is such a inspiration for teen sugar-lovers like me to look up too:)

  31. Tyler Z says:

    @Briana AMEN to both posts.

  32. Karen says:

    I understand and appreciate that everyone has there own likes and opinions, thats why we live in America. Let me start by saying I am a fan of music in general. When I hear a song the first thing I hear is the words, then I may hear message or relate to it, then the actual music. Three years ago, when I heard the someone mention the group Sugarland, I thought they were a rap group. Then one night, in 2008, my husband had on the CMAs, I asked why he was watching it? All of a sudden from the kitchen I heard the words being sung for All I Wanna Do. I asked who was singing, he said, Sugarland….I had him rewind it, TIVO is a wonderful thing, we watched the entire performance and fell in love. I then went online listened to a couple other songs of theirs. Not very often can you listen to a song and actually hear the emotion that fits the lyrics, along with the instruments complimenting the emotions. They are truly the first group in any genre that i can listen to every song on every CD and not skip one!

    I believe they just have a knack, true talent to be able to connect with the listeners. Recently we brought my brother, 32 years old and our daughter 8 years old to their first concert. My daughter is already in love with them. She was fortunate enough to meet Annie Clements, who is such a wonderful person to meet, so kind, so nice and very down to earth, which is from what I understand, each and every band member is like. My brother was not really a fan, has been to a wide variety of concert and only went because he wanted to see his niece at her first concert. Well by time they sung Baby Girl, he had tears in his eyes watching her sing every word. Noone sat from the moment the show started, his word were “I have never felt so much energy come from a stage, I could not sit, wheres their next concert. ”
    It cant be explained it just has to be heard, felt, and experienced.

    I appreciate that not everyone is the same and feels the same, thats what makes each of us our own person, otherwise life would be extremely boring. I actually love listening to peoples opposite opinions of mine. As you see, I also like to express mine, when it is something I truly love.

  33. OutlawJB says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for asking the question. I am one with electic tastes in music from AC/DC to Harry Connick Jr depending on the song. I am very passionate about Sugarland and have been attending their shows regularly since 2005. In fact, I have traveled internationally to see them and have seen over 70 live performances since 2005. Why? I have an easy answer-each performance is a different perspective of an excellent band treating me to a new twist of creativiy. A spontaneous interaction between Jennifer & Kristian or one of their very talented band members.
    I find their willingness to push boundaires with their music exciting and worth every minute at a show. A look at the awards & recognition they have received shows they “got it”. They care about the fans believe me. Try it(a show) bet you will want to go again! Joe

  34. Taylor says:

    What is it about that you dont get?!

    There is so many things why I LOVE Sugarland! One: Their music! Thier music is what got me in. Their songs are how they conncet with their fans. Now, I have been a fan since forever! You know when your a true fan when you wake up singing a song that hasnt even came out yet. Jennifer and Kristian give so much time and dedication into their music, that you know they connect some how to their songs that they write! They go on tour every year so us fans can hear their success in country music. I love that they are diferent from other musicians. Jennifer does have that twang because she did go up down south. Jennifer has done other kinds of genres of music too. Kristian as well. So they like to give country music country, but also something different. Also another thing I love about them is their personalities! They are so funny and seem like great/wonderful people, and thats also another big thing that their music has! They are just so much sun to listen too. And is I can say so my slef thet have inspired my whole life ahead of me. I would like to thank them for that!

    I hope you get what Im saying and inderstand. =)

  35. Chelsea says:

    I wish I could read all these comments but just don’t have the time right now. There are a lot of things that I love about Sugarland. First of all I believe Jennifer has the ability to sing multiple genres. I agree that some of their songs are extra twangy, but she has come a long way since when I first heard them. I love the twangy and the not so twangy. Then there is just the band itself. No I have not had the pleasure to meet them and can not be positive until I meet them (hopefully =] ) but they are so positive. Many of their songs have good lessons and I love all the lyrics. Every time I hear one of their songs it brightens my day. Whether I am having a good day or a bad day. There is just something I can’t explain too, but the fact is I Love them. They just make my life better along with a lot of other music.

  36. Stacy says:

    I took the time and read everyone’s comments (even the haters). I agree with Hannah…if they’re big enough to have haters, they’re definitely doing something right. I’ve had 48 hours to think about this post. I don’t know what I could say that hasn’t been said already. I guess, in the end it’s like any religion. I say it like that because there’s not a lot I believe in here in this world or this life. I’m not big on God; maybe he’s there, maybe not. I think the majority of people use God as a reason to start wars and hate each other. The one common element is the fervency with which someone believes their religion. its not something they’ll ever be able to explain to a non-believer either. No matter how many Protestants, Catholics, Jews or Muslims try to convince me their religion is the “right” one, I’m already over it. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone believes. I certainly don’t judge someone for having their beliefs or spirituality. I just believe, to each their own. That being said, Sugarland is the closest thing I have to religion. They inspire me. They teach me to be a better person. They’ve certainly healed me more than anything else in the world. I’m a pretty private person overall. I’m stating here: I’ve been severely broken. Sugarland is what saved me. Their music, their concerts, the friends that came to me through them…it gave me a reason to be alive again, each and every day. I’m not going to try and explain that. I’m just going to be thankful for it. So, I’m not even going to try and convince you to “get” Sugarland. Everyone’s made a lot of wonderful suggestions…that’s our job as believers…to offer you evidence. How about I just have faith that one day you’ll hear the right song or see the right performance and everything will fall into place? Until then…thanks for being understanding with my Sugarland twitter spam. 🙂

  37. Kyile Briant says:

    Music appeals to the individual, sometimes it pops straight away, sometimes it grows on you and sometimes it’s a miss match from the start. I think its great that you have put forward such a question in a format that so many can give feedback and respond respectively regardless if individuals have connected to the music of Sugarland or not. My money in the hat prospective on the subject would be this:

    Do I “Get IT” – Yes!
    Did I expect to “Get It” – No!
    Has their Music impacted my musical world – Yes!
    Am I flying 20,000 miles from New Zealand just to see them live next month – Yes!
    Will I ever Look Back – No!

    Sugarland speak to the human condition and they embody what it means to be a package deal. So many musical bands are great in the studio but die on the live stage, Some artists have energy to kill and can rock a live show but the vocal ability just doesn’t cut it, and then you have the show stopping voices that can carry a show but the charisma in between songs is so down in the mouth that they struggle to hold their audience captive. None of these examples describe who Sugarland are. They are so uniquely powerful in every aspect of what it means to be a musical artist that you are drawn in by such talent and it’s all 100% Authentic.

    They’re ability to connect and embrace their fans to more than just a musical performance is fierce. They are not afraid to step outside the game and are not afraid to take a musical risk which really sets them apart. In an ever changing world of music you need to grow, shift and reshape your vision sometimes of where you want to take your fans next, this is fundamentality what everyone should do, and something they do so well. They do all this while still remaining true to their roots that made them who they are.

    When the sets are striped, costumes thrown, Lights faded – The Talent, Vocals, Songwriting are still there. All the Extra Sass that they fire out brings Rich visual moments added for a striking unforgettable Live experience and that’s an experience I can’t wait to ride on.

    If you don’t get it, I’m completely understanding of that. Put simply, it is what it is.
    My sister loves Metallica and I can’t relate to that at all. However I embraced her mad metal skills and let her jam it out in her car when driving the open road together and found I had grown to dig a few of their songs, but she dear try slipping a Metallica disk in my car and removing a sugarland cd….there will be one hell of a throwdown.


  38. Karen B says:

    I first saw Jennifer and Kristian in concert in May 2006. It was at a bar, 250 people total, and they just blew me away. Jennifer with her passion for performing and Kristian with his charisma and love of the stage.

    I then saw them in a bigger venue, 2 months later, opening for Brooks and Dunn. I was even more inspired, more in awe of them and couldn’t wait to see more. And they made you feel as if you were in that small room again, with only 250 people. They connected that well with the audience.

    My family and I have been very fortunate to have met them several times since then, and they’ve gotten to know us as well. Their music has touched me in more ways than anyone will ever know.

    Jennifer and Kristian’s earlier recordings are just as phenomenal as the songs they write as Sugarland. They really connect with all your emotions and you feel them right in your heart.

    I’ve also met so many wonderful friends through Sugarland, people I never would have met, if it wasn’t for them. I am so grateful for that.

    As you listen to a Sugarland CD, really listen to the lyrics or follow along with the booklet. It’s amazing how they connect with the human condition that is inside us all.

  39. Jenny says:

    Alright, so clearly you can see from all the above the impact that these two have had.

    Jenn & Kristian’s music is not only inspirational but it also pushes the limits. These two truly love what they do, and it surely shows. — They are not just in it to make hit singles that sell, they are in it to expand themselves musically. Challenge themselves if you will. With that, their music almost becomes theraputical to many. And you will see that they like to switch things up — experiment with different feelings, different styles… They raise the bar for any musician out there.

    Now when you get to see this talent LIVE in concert. The experience is like nothing you can ever describe. They know how to be artistically creative to put on the show, but I love nothing more when they go to an acoustic set, have a few guitars in a kum-ba-yah circle and sing. Its amazing. Of course, you gotta love the charisma and the humor to the show. Jenn rapping “Hot in Here” in the Everyday America Remix — EPIC! Now, its party in the USA. woot woot. Sugarland’s genuinely interacts with their fans and shows their appreciate for us. And as fans, we respect them that much more.

    Speaking from experience at a college where many people don’t like country music, everybody who I have met now knows Sugarland. Do they get it? No, they are in the same boat as you. Have they seen them live? No… which I am assuming you have not either.

    **To get them — GO SEE THEM LIVE. You WILL get them. I guarantee it. Experience talking again: the ones that did end up seeing Sugarland live now understand. — You will too. Here, I will even buy you a ticket!

  40. Allison Rizk says:

    Wow! I’ve read every single on of your comments and appreciate the heartfelt emotion and especially love the personal stories and connection. I’ve downloaded a few of their songs so I’ll have to try it out and see what happens. Thanks again for sharing everyone!

  41. McNary says:


    I’ll preface my comments by saying that I AM a country fan and I was raised in Georgia.

    I went to a Sugarland show a couple weeks ago because I had free tickets and I like about 1 in 5 songs of theirs I hear on country radio. I was open to enjoying the show and hoping their live show would be more than lights, slick musicianship, thousands of screaming girls, and the undeniably strong voice of Jennifer Nettles……I left disappointed. Most of their songs were bouncy songs with quickish tempos and lyrics clearly written with the commercial goal of appealing to your average every day girl/woman. I believe the performance lacked passion because most of the lyrical content of the songs lacked depth and real meaning. Jennifer is an amazing singer although she does come off a tad phony onstage when she shifts between her actual accent and the “Country” one she uses on stage. Listen to her accent in some old school Soul Miner’s Daughter days and you’ll see the difference.

    Overall, I believe that Jennifer got burned out and tired of being herself and she had the talent to get a couple other talented songwriters together to create a VERY successful country music franchise. I have lost no respect for her as an artist, I just reserve the right to believe most(not all) of her songs lack the deep passion and the intangible sincerity I crave in the music I listen to.

    Keep Up the Great work with your blog : )


  42. Allison Rizk says:

    Wow! Thanks for your comment and I am SO thankful for your comment on my FB page. I can honestly say that no one is indifferent towards Sugarland. 🙂

  43. Suzie says:

    You don’t have to “get them” you just have to LISTEN to them. It’s not about the genre, it’s about the words. It’s about the place you go when you listen to them. It is how they(SugarLand)/music puts air in your lung, inables you to put one foot in front of the other when all is going wrong around you. It is about the day getting brighter when you hear a beat, a lyric or when you hear the sound of a smile. Music, especially Sugarland, helps make a bad day better or a great day wonderful. When you connect to a song the group becomes something special. I thank them for “putting themselves out there,” being authentic and vulenerable….giving of themselves. What a pleasure it is to listen to a band that always makes me smile!!

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