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5 New Songs You Need to Hear Right Now: October 2010 : RadioPotato

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

5 New Songs You Need to Hear Right Now: October 2010


Although October’s songs aren’t necessarily scary in honor of Halloween, they are scary good! And for that, I bring you the BEST five songs of October, 2010. Click on the continuous player at the bottom of the post and VOTE for your favorite!

1. “BLUE SUNSHINE” – BLUE GIANT– Only hearing a few closing bars of this song on XM/Sirius radio, I knew the RadioPotato fan base would immediately download this ditty. The banjo, the hand claps, the harmonies, the driving uplifting beat makes you want to stomp your feet (reminiscent of another Top 5’er Daniel Kamas’ “Wreckin’ Ball).  And I’m all about a good foot stomp.  This Portland, OR based band recently signed to Vanguard Records is a supergroup of sorts comprised of former members of Viva Voce, The Swords, The Golden Bears, and The Decemberists making up this 5-piece band and has been described as rural psychedelic rock.  If that description doesn’t make you listen to figure out what “rural psychedelic rock” sounds like, I don’t know what will.  Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace | Download

2. “TELEPHONE” – THE BLACK ANGELS TOTALLY shoplifting this song from a 1960’s inspired radio blog on Next Music’s website, this song is just plain bad-ass.  Aaaand the  hilariously bad eerie costumes in the video are just in time for Halloween.  “Telephone” sounds like the Monkees were reincarnated with a jagged razor’s edge and a ton of LSD.  It’s easy to picture this psychedelic-infused band playing alongside The Doors at The Whisky a Go Go but alas, they’re a band formed in 2K4 from Austin, TX.  Just releasing a new album called Phosphene Dream on 9/14/10, this band is gaining serious steam in the indie scene with their music splashed all over TV and movies.  Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace | Download

3. “HELLO” – THE WHISPER IN THE ROAR Los Angeles is about to burst with some great new talent. This new band recently released this pop/rock EP with their full-length LP scheduled to release in early 2011. The infectious layering of the instruments in “Hello” coupled with the innocent lyrics of plotting the pursuit (or full-on stalking when you listen to the lyrics) of someone to fancy. Although I couldn’t find a video for “Hello,” there is a short-clip of the making of their EP with legendary producer Bill Schnee. You can hear the song on the Grooveshark player below. Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace | Download

4. “DAYS OF YOUTH” – LOCKSLEY Not that I’m entirely proud of my source for this song, MTV’s Jersey Shore sure can highlight some great emerging music.  This NYC-based purposely unsigned band hailing from Wisconsin has achieved quite a lot in a short amount of time.  Touring all around the globe with bands like The Hives, OKGo, Rooney, and has music placed in more and more TV shows and advertisements.  “Days of Youth” is the kind of song that you throw your top down on your convertible, crank up the volume, and sing with a giant smile on your face.  Happy, upbeat, and a bright tune that is virtually impossible to get out of your head.  More to come for Locksley AND I hope they stay unsigned and continue to rock!  Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace | Download

5. “LOVE AND HATE” – DAPHNE WILLIS This 22-year old singer/songwriter only picked up a guitar and started playing live three years ago in Chicago.  Her ability to lend a playful and bluesy voice to her generation meandering through the ups and downs of relationships has caught the attention of Vanguard Records and Welk Music Group’s bigwig Kevin Welk.  Legend has it that hearing a few cuts on her self-released 2007 EP playing on an in-flight American Airlines flight, Welk tracked her down and signed her immediately.  Daphne has the simplicity and clarity of acoustic darling Ingrid Michaelson and a voice similar to Nelly Furtado’s.  New album is in the works but in the meantime, download THIS album What To Say. Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace | Download


About the author

Allison Hare wrote 138 articles on this blog.

A modern-day dame with a bionic ear for discovering emerging artists and a penchant for live shows. Admitted radio junkie



4 Responses to “5 New Songs You Need to Hear Right Now: October 2010”
  1. Chris Bro says:

    thanks for the “atta” boy. Glad you finally found Locksley too. They are beyond brilliant live. You need to see them live.

  2. Allison Rizk says:

    I’m on the lookout for Locksley to come ’round Atlanta!


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