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RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs for June 2011 : RadioPotato

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Monday, September 16th, 2019

RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs for June 2011


RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs feature triumphantly returns with a killer eclectic mix of jams for June of 2011. Yup, I realize there are only a couple more days left but we’ll make ’em count.  With southeast temperatures holding steady in the 90’s, it’s imperative to have good tunes with you at all times. Be sure to vote in the poll below for your favorite song and thanks for checking it out!

1. YAWN – “TOYS” This intoxicating ditty has smashed delectable cotton candy with killer tribal rhythms and layered them over dreamy atmospheric rhythms.  Perfect summer song.  Yawn is a Chicago-based quartet is tauted by The Silver Tongue Online as “bouncy, atmospheric shoegaze pop.”  Gaining rapid success thanks to their appearance at SWSW 2010, they’ve been sharing the stage with acts like Yeasayer, Local Natives, Glasser, Girl Talk, and more.  They are set to release their full debut album Open Season (FeelTrip/Englophile Records) on August 30th.  Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Download

YAWN – “Toys” from Eli Stonberg on Vimeo.

2. THE TREWS – “ONE BY ONE” I’m not sure where I’ve been but it seems like this Ontario band has gained quite a following and I just found out.  I hate that.  Anyway, this folkier cut off of more of a harder rock new album Hope & Ruin (Bumstead Productions) is a solid driving song.   “One by one, every heart is a loaded gun.”Road tested by my in-house male critics (and I mean CRITICS) Nick Tapp and Dave Clapper, they loved it…and the two of them in agreement equates to popularity on my site 100% of the time.     Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Download

3.  MNDR – “CUT ME OUT” I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the throbbing force of this industrial sounding electronic thumper. Highlighted by Spin Magazine as “11 Next Big Things 2011,” New York-based quirky singer with her trademark white-rimmed glasses, Amanda Warner (aka MNDR) collaborated with Mark Ronson for this textured electro-pop slice of perfection.  A little bit Gaga, a little bit Fallulah, but this electronic vixen has got an attitude all her own.   Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Download

4. BATTLES – “ICE CREAM” (w/Matias Aguayo) – Starting out “Ice Cream” with a building beat of grunts brings emotion to a grouping of experimental sounds forming a cacophony of fractured precision.  Closing with a coda where everything breaks down into a blues-infused voice beat makes it even more addictive.  What you’ll notice is that the odd mixture of sounds as the bed highlights some seriously solid musicians.  Battles, a NY-based trio seemed to explode over night on the playlists of XM/Sirius’ Alt Nation playlists with the recent release of their second album, Gloss Drops (Warp Records). Oh, and um, nice video.  Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Download

5. TRUTH – “GOT IT MADE” I might as well start calling RadioPotato The Wounded Jukebox because I get so many fresh songs from their blog.  Akron, Ohio’s Iad Carson (aka Truth) is a culturally conscious artist that sings intelligently over an incredibly catchy Motown-y hook.  So many people say they don’t understand rap or hip hop singing about bitches and ho’s.  This is different.  Reminding me of the sensibility of Arrested Development, “Got it Made” portrays his experience as not one of flash and degradation of women – but gets back to what put rap on the map – the humble truth.  “I know we make it look like  we all so confident; livin’ in Hell, tryin’ not to sweat, Imma prevail; not for myself but for my kids; from economically one of the worst places to live.”  Full lyrics to the song underneath the poll.   Facebook | Twitter | Tres Le Sant label | Soundcloud – Free music

Truth – Got It Made by Truth Music


Truth – “Got It Made” Lyrics
I’ve got myself right, and I’m doin’ just what I please
I’m back on easy street, and my minds at ease
I’ve got it made, that’s what I’m talkin’ about
I’ve got it made, I’ve got it made, I’ve got it made (that’s what you think huh?)
I’ve got it made, that’s what I’m talkin’ about
I’ve got it made, I’ve got it made, I’ve got it made
[Verse 1]
I know I make it look, so easy but homey this hard work
A lot of cats don’t believe, tell em’ this Gods’ work
Came so far, remember back as a teen
Me and Amp recordin’ on that karaoke machine
It was only a dream, cause that’s all that we had
Wasn’t makin’ no cash, now we makin’ it fast (tryin’)
I’d be lyin’ If I said, anything was sweat
I sacrifice for everything you see
Bein’ there for my family, though I work like a intern
So my girls, don’t turn into Montana Fishburne
And my sons, got a path to take when it’s his turn
Minus my mistakes, cause you live, and you, learn
Don’t envy me, I’ve been grindin’ a long time
Deserve to be next, I done stood in a long line
Did my homework, and perfected my craft
Now every body’s got a bunch of questions to ask, thinkin’
[Verse 2]
I know they make it look, so fly to be part of this rap ****
But, the industry’s dead, it’s in a casket
Sales at a all-time low, and gettin’ worse
Seem like the major labels finally gettin’ what they deserve (word)
Roles reversed, groupies is stars now
A couple cats nice, but the rest of em’ all clowns
We entertainin’ the blogs now, not the streets
So **** rhymes, we need sex tapes, or twitter beef
Video content, that’s potentially viral
Some say this whole **** is at a downward spiral
Feel like I’m in condemned, fightin’ for survival
On the net (so), can’t let my creativity die yo
Rappin’ these days like a nine-to-five
You abide, by the infrastructure, or struggle to stay alive
I, studied the business, did all the math
Now everybody got a bunch of questions to ask, thinkin’
[Verse 3]
I know we make it look, like we all so confident
Livin’ in ****, still tryin’ not to sweat
I’m a prevail, not for myself, but my kids
From economically one of the worst, places to live
Y’all thinkin’ bout rap, I’m thinkin’ bout bigger biz
Far as the process, it just is, what it is
Dig, I done seen way worst in my past
Now everybody got a bunch of questions to ask, thinkin’

About the author

Allison Hare wrote 138 articles on this blog.

A modern-day dame with a bionic ear for discovering emerging artists and a penchant for live shows. Admitted radio junkie



3 Responses to “RadioPotato’s Top 5 Songs for June 2011”
  1. Krissie says:

    Agree 100% on The Trews!!! Love those Canadians! “One by One” was on my Summer Mix!

  2. amanda says:

    I voted! Tough to choose between Battles and The Trews!

  3. Chris Bro says:

    I already played Trews but I’m stealing Yawn from you. Brilliant. Truth is good too. You’ll might be hearing that on Next too.

    If you’re fans are diggin on these 5 songs tonight at 11pm EST I’m playing my favorite songs of JUNE. 15. If they miss the show they can download for free on iTunes

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